Our Story

Gonana is a Zulu word meaning “embrace”. For us this is not work – it’s a passion! South Africa and its neighbours are beautiful and diverse countries, filled with wonderful people and amazing experiences, and we love to share our knowledge of these destinations with our guests.



All of Gonana’s staff, both working in the office and out in the field, are licensed guides of South Africa. We all have expert knowledge and share a deep love of the country and its people. As we all live in South Africa we stay up to date on changes, news and what is of interest. Just like in your hometown things can change fast; the chef at your favourite restaurant moves on and suddenly the eating experience is different altogether, a shop changes supplier, a motorway is rerouted so that your travel time is extended by an hour...



For your best experience we have carefully hand-picked destinations and places that we personally have seen, experienced and taken a liking to. We give you those little special places, which are not the most expensive but the best. Using our services does not cost you more, and your trip will be so much better!



We tailor-make packages to travellers and firmly believe in offering an intimate experience of culture and nature. We partner with top service providers in the region and as far as possible we choose those that are Fair Trade certified and run their business with sustainability close to their heart.



Whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon vacation, the ultimate safari experience, a local food experience, an extraordinary round of golf or luxury rail travel, Gonana will create the unique itinerary for you!



P.S. Projects close to our heart and that we are proud to sponsor are:


STREET KIDS - www.streetkids.org

CHILDHOOD - www.childhood.org

PHILANI - www.philani.org.za



/the Gonana Team