Combine your trip to South Africa with a relaxing, revitalising health and wellness holiday. The environment will help boost your personal wellness and health.

A run along the vineyards, a personal training session on the beach, hiking up the mountain, a massage at the SPA - just a few of the suggestions which can be on your daily schedule.

Food is fresh and often locally grown, the menu’s are widely varied and healthy.

Come replenish your soul!

We can arrange all sorts of activities to suit your travel plans.
Here are a few suggestions for your inspiration:

Feeling good

The spa facilities in South Africa are on par with some of the best in the world. Relax in exquisite settings and rejuvenate the body and soul as you explore South Africa. This tour includes visits to the Cape Winelands, to the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, nature and safari!

Start your journey in the Cape Winelands and bask in the beauty of this region.

Continue to the city of Cape Town where you will be able to visit Table Mountain, and tour the Cape Peninsula to visit the Cape Of Good Hope and see the African Penguins.

Enjoy spa treatments at award winning spas in the Mother City.

Continue to the awe-inspiring Drankensberg mountains to enjoy the spa and nature experience at an award winning spa retreat.

Have the possibility to try some African herbal spa treatments at this spa retreat.

Continue to the luxurious Phinda Game reserve for your safari.

You will feel rested and re-energized after this vacation!

Contact us for a tailor-made journey!

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